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Beauty isn't skin deep, but sometimes it's ok to start there.

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At Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine, when you are in my studio, you are more than just a client to me; you are family. Schedule a free consultation, and let me show you that looking good is just the beginning.

Happy Clients

"As I approach 40 I've noticed my skin aging, I've never had "problem" skin, but all of the sudden I seemed to have dark spots and deepening lines I wasn't thrilled about. I went to see Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine with a tall request: please give me my 22 yr old skin back!! The Perfect Face skincare line delivered 100%! No more dark spots, skin texture and tone is amazing, lines are disappearing...to say I'm pleased is a gross understatement! I am now spoiled and will not use any other products or let anyone but Dr. Zoe touch my face. Amazing results!"

- Jan Hastings

Dr. Zoe Client Testimonial

"Before using Perfect Face products I was really unhappy with my sunspots, dull skin and uneven skin tone. I hate wearing make up, but felt more and more like I had to on a daily basis. I really can't say enough about Perfect Face products... is 'life changing' too corny or dramatic? Only three weeks in and my sunspots had disappeared, my skin is so vibrant and even and I don't ever feel the need to wear make up. My friends and family have all demanded I send them Dr. Zoe's info! The best part of it all - the ripple effect that taking care of and investing in yourself has on the rest of your life."

- Martica W.

"As both a sister and client of Dr. Zoe's, I feel at complete ease when I'm in her space. The extensive amount of training and experience Dr. Zoe has, combined with her keen eye for artistry, detail and knack for truly listening to each individual's needs and desires are what set her apart from so many cosmetic doctors. I trust Dr. Zoe and I always feel comfortable and taken care of. There's no such thing as "one size suits all" in Dr. Zoe's chair."

- Goldie Graham

Dr. Zoe Client Testimonial

"Dr. Zoe has changed the way I look at my skin.  She has made it so easy to embrace my skin with the help of her botox treatments and skincare line. Dr. Zoe helps us to believe in our skin and love the skin we are in! Thank you for taking the secrets out of perfect skin. Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine will make you proud to share your skincare regimen with the world!"

- C.K.

"After my first Botox visit with Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine I realized that at no time did I feel anxious or worried about what I was going to have done. She gave me a lot of information and encouraged me to ask questions before she touched me; of which she answered all. I'm looking forward to my next appointment."

- C.F.

"I received my first Botox treatment by Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine. She is so efficient and comforting. Before she starts, you feel completely at ease. Since this was my first time, I didn't know what to expect pain wise, but as she made conversation and gently proceeded with the injections, it was over before I knew it. I'm super happy with the immediate results and can't wait to see the progress over the next few days....and I can't wait to see Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face again!!"

- C.T

"I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Zoe and Perfect Face! She is a pro - the experience is a breeze! Don't think twice about booking with her as she will give you results with a pain free procedure. Her prices are affordable and her personality sparkles as she makes you more beautiful using her skills and talents."

- L.A.

"Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face is amazing. She took time to consult with me and answer every question I had! She does an amazing job and could not be more pleased with my results! Can't wait to see her again :-)"

- C.B.

"My happiness level is off the charts when I am in Dr. Zoe’s chair!"

- M.M.

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